Medea, review, Everyman Theatre. 24th February 2010
One of the most popular touring companies to come to Liverpool in recent years has to be the fantastic ensemble that makes up Northern Broadsides. Led by the indomitable Barrie Rutter, the troupe has thrilled local audiences with their versions of The Man with Two Gaffers and Romeo and Juliet to name but two. This time they tackled the Greek tragedy of Medea, originally written by Euripides and bought up to date by Tom Paulin. The story deals with the hard hitting reality of a foreign wife spurned by her husband and the jealousy and pain of rejection she suffers and the revenge she wrecks on the hero of old, his new wife and her family but most of all, through the blow she deals to Jasons psyche. The wonderful Barrie Rutter takes a back seat for this production and lets two superb actors steal the show, in the lead role of Medea is played superbly by Nina Kristofferson whose very presence on stage was enough for the audience to realise that this is an actor of worthy note and whose acting ability will surely take her ever onwards. Her counterpart Jason was played with delicate poise and dedication by Andrew Pollard and although he wasnt on stage for the same length of time as Ms. Kristofferson, still filled the theatre with an authority that made a mockery of his young age. There was much to be entranced by, from the subject matter, the use of modern musical instruments which added greatly to the atmosphere and the three ladies who made up the chorus, all of who were splendid. Barrie Rutter deserves to be proud, as ever, for his contribution to the theatre world, his direction and attitude to the work at hand singles him out amongst his peers. Thanks to Barrie and wardrobe supervisor Bridget Fall it was possible to imagine being transported back in time to the days when the amphitheatres of ancient Greece were first thrilled by this play. A stunning night of theatre, deep, thought provoking and well produced. An absolute must see. Ian D. Hall
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